Bits & Pieces

Suicide is never a solution. It is one of the most serious of major sins, and will only increase the punishment of the one who commits it.  The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: ” Whoever throws himself down from a high mountian and kills himself will be throwing himself down from a mountian in the Fire of Hell for all eternity.  Whoever takes poison and kills himself will be taking poison in the Fire of Hell for all eternity.” (al-Bukhari)


How many youth wake up and laugh and play while their shrouds are being knitted and they do not know? How many think they will be old men, yet they will find their bodies in the grave?  Prepare for the hereafter by being righteous.


The differences between qasd (objective) and niyyah (intention) 1.) Qasd may be connected to the action of the doer himself or the action of others, whereas niyyah is connected only to his own actions.  A man would not intend the deed of another, but it may be imagined that he would want it. 2.) Qasd can only refer to an action that the person is able to do, whereas niyyah may refer to a person intending to do both what he is able to do and what he is unable to do.


The believer does not benefit from cursing the shaytan.  A man said: I was riding behind the Prophet (pguh) when an animal stumbled and I said : “Woe to the shaytan.”  The Prophet said, “Do not say woe to the shaytan for if you say that he grows bigger until he is like a house, and he says “it is by my power’.  Rather say “Bismillah” (in the name of Allah) for if you do he becomes smaller until he is like a fly.”  (Hadith in Ahmed, Abu Dawoud, listed as Saheeh by Al-Albani)



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