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Islam is a purely monotheistic religion which is based upon five pillars and six articles of faith.

The pillars are:

1. Statement of faith, or shahada in Arabic. is basically proclaiming one’s belief that there is no God besides Allah, God Almighty, and that Mohammed is the last of the Prophets.

2. The performace of daily prayers at their given times, after having made ablution.  These prayers should be done before sunrise, just after noon, late afternoon, just after sunset, and in the later evening.

3. The fasting of the whole month of Ramadan in the Islamic Lunar calendar.  This is to abstain from eating, drinking, foul behaviors, and sexual relations with one’s spouse, from sun up till sun down.

4. Giving of one’s wealth or profit for the use of the needy and poor, which is about 2.25% of one’s yearly profits.

5. The last pillar is to be completed once in a lifetime if one has the physical and financial means to perform it, and that is pilgrimage to Mecca, or Hajj.  This is a yearly worshiping of Allah by remembering the test of Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael.  It  is also  a rememberance of the test  Hajjar, the wife of Abraham, faced in seaking water for her son.

The articles of faith are:

1. Belief in God, the one and only who was not created nor does He have children.  He is unique in His attributes and above what humans can comprehend.  The use of the name Allah is simply the Arabic word for God and is used by Arab Muslims and Christians alike.

2. Belief in all of the messengers God has sent before including Moses, Noah, Abraham, Jesus and the seal of all prophets is Mohammed, peace be upon all of them.  Jesus is not considered the son of God as He is above what people proclaim of him, rather he is a blessed prophet of God sent to call those around him to God Almighty.  He is also the Messiah who will return before the end of this world.

3. Belief in Angels who are sent to record our deeds, and also the angel Gabriel who was the one to relay the Quran from Allah to Mohammed.

4. Belief in all the books Allah has sent down to humankind. These include the Torah, the Gospels, the Psalms of David and the last one to be sent as a reminder to all humankind is the Quran… This belief extends that the previous books are no longer intact and pure as we have changed the words as time has gone by.  Only the Quran has been protected as God Himself has promised this.  The Quran is only in the origonal Arabic text, and all translations are labeled as such and not considered Quran, for as soon as one translates it the meanings are no longer pure and intact.  This keeps distortions from being created.

Each set of printing of the Quran is thoroughly checked against previous origonals in order to gurantee that no changes have been made.  Each set is therefore stamped and signed by scholors.

5. Belief in the day of judgement where all people will be held accountable for their actions and intentions, each on his or her own.

6. Belief in Qadr or destiny i.e. that Allah is all aware of what we do, have done or will do.

It is really important to understand that the word Allah is simply a translation for the word God just as the French say Dieu and Germans Gott, in Arabic language it is Allah.  Muslims do not worship the moon, nor the black stone placed in the Kabba, nor the Kabba itself, nor do they worship Mohammed as he is only a human being and a Prophet.

Islam basically asks all to worship only God alone, without associating any partners to Him, and to not attibute human characteristics to His greatness.


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