Posted by: SAKINA AND SARA | October 2, 2009


Ask yourself these questions:

Are you ready to die?
If you died today, where do you think you’ll be – Paradise or Hellfire?
Do you have more good deeds than bad?
Would anyone have a claim against you?
Have you oppressed anyone, not given someone their rights, backbit someone?

Are you prepared for the consequences of having disease in your heart?
Do you think you’ll answer your questions right (the answers will be 
coming from your heart, not your mind)?

When you think about dying, you worry about how the children will 
manage, how your husband will manage with the home, but how about how 
you will manage?
Worrying about them will not be your concern in your grave.

Have you done anything worthy of Allah’s mercy-
Any good deed to be granted Paradise for (by Allah’s mercy)?

What if this test you may be going through right now is the only chance 
you have for gaining Allah’s Pleasure, Forgiveness, and Mercy? – You 
have to succeed in it.

What if when you die, you realize there is no iman in your heart?
Are you doing anything about that now?

Prepare for death, Your Hereafter.

Live like you want to go to Jannah.



  1. masha allah this articel was really amazing heaet touching…..

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