Posted by: SAKINA AND SARA | March 2, 2009

Why should I wear HIJAB?

This woman is arguing with herself, and actually shaytan who is telling her to not listen to what Allah has asked of her.  In this little skit we can see the process many of us go through in deciding to wear the hijab, which is actually not pronounced heejab but rather hijab, with a short I sound (as ‘in’).  When women wear the hijab, just like Nuns or as we have seen Mary and other God fearing women wear in history, they are seen for who they are and not for their appearance.  However, one point I would like to make is that in the home it is nice for the woman to style her hair and even put make up and there is nothing wrong with this as long as non mahram men dont see her dressed up.  A non mahram man would be any man she could legally marry such as a brother in law or cousins.


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