Posted by: SAKINA AND SARA | March 2, 2009


There are many ways to wear a hijab or scarf.  Here this brother shows us two common ways.  The first is a square piece of material such as georgette which is not see through.  It should be about a meter square with the edges hemmed in a very thin hem all around.  Then it is folded in half, with the upper half a bit smaller so that when this part is layed upon the head, the outer triangle – which is larger- will cover the smaller half.  The folded edge is then placed around the face with the point of the triangle drapping down the back.  Pulling the two other ends to the front, match them for length so that they are equal.  Then folding in as he shows, use a hijab pin under your chin.  Some people use safety pins but they often will allow the material to pull into the coiled end, snagging the material and ruining the scarf.  Some people use small diaper pins but pin it from the inside so it doesnt show


The second style is sometimes called mendeel or tarhah, and is basically a long rectangular piece of material also not too see through, which is place with one third on one side of the head and 2/3 on the other.  Holding the short end against the face/under the chin, pull the longer side under the chin, over the shorter piece and then up over the head.  This end can then be tucked into the first wrap or pinned with a long straight pin just above the ear.  The size of material should be about 90 cm -100cm wide and about 2 meters long.

Using the cotton knit cap helps to keep both kinds of hijab in place and also keeps the hair from peaking out.

Remember no matter what style you find suits you best, all of the hair should be covered, showing only the circle of the face and above the eyebrows.  Any proper hijab will cover the neck and ears well.  The best kind of hijab will also drap over the chest.


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