Posted by: SAKINA AND SARA | March 2, 2009

How to Wear Cotton Hijabs

This video shows three popular kinds of hijab and how to put them on.  It is important to try different ways of wearing hijab to find the one which is most comfortable, covers well and fulfills all the requirements of hijab.  Many of the videos I have seen on the net almost defeat the purpose of hijab.  It is liked for a muslim man or woman to dress well, clean and tidily, however going over the bounds of what makes proper hijab is self defeating.  We wear hijab to please Allah and to submit to what He knows is best for us.  Trying to be appologetic and modify hijab so that hair shows from on top, or makes one appear very attractive or attracts attention, is deviating from what constitutes proper hijab.




  1. Hi,

    Good video. I don’t wear hijab but I have a friend who does.

  2. very nice. simple but nice!

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